Unlearn the Ropes

Let’s rethink school and rediscover the excitement of learning.

Students are largely disengaged and unmotivated. How can that be?

As an educational researcher, Dr. Denise Bressler has spent a lot of time in today’s classrooms, and she is deeply concerned.

Drawing on established learning theories and contemporary educational research, Unlearning the Ropes demonstrates that what people are tacitly taught by school is basically backwards. For example, school teaches that good grades matter, yet good grades don’t guarantee learning.

In Unlearning the Ropes, Bressler reveals the moments that changed her beliefs about education. Through relatable anecdotes, she helps readers reframe the way they think about school, education, and learning. Rethinking what school teaches is the first step towards helping young people become enthusiastic learners.

Let's Rethink

“In high school, I was totally concerned about grades and following the rules and all that.

But ever since college, when I started researching education…I have come to realize that everything I thought to be true is blatantly wrong.

For over 20 years, I've been doing educational research and the message is so clear to me… 

What we are tacitly told about school is basically backwards. We need to unlearn the ropes. I have so many stories to share to help people understand how we need to change our thinking and I hope I can help people do just that.”

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“I found Denise to be a transformative 'energy-giver.'

She gives more back than she takes when engaging with anyone who is fortunate enough to enter her sphere of influence. Denise is intrinsically 'wired' to help everyone succeed in both her encouragement and action.”

– Kevin Glover –
Instructional Designer & Learning Technology Specialist

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