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Denise speaks to students, parents, educators, and community groups.

She engages with her audiences on multiple topics including education, learning, and fostering student enthusiasm, motivation, and confidence. Denise is available for public talks, workshops, and speaking engagements in all shapes and sizes.

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"I found Denise to be a transformative 'energy-giver.' She gives more back than she takes when engaging with anyone who is fortunate enough to enter her sphere of influence. Denise is intrinsically 'wired' to help everyone succeed in both her encouragement and action."


Kevin Glover, Instructional Designer & Learning Technology Specialist

Upcoming Events


  • October 9: Midland Park High School, Midland Park, NJ

    • (Workshop) AI or Oh My? A ChatGPT Workshop That's Not Artificial!

  • October 24: University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

    • (Discussion) Are Two Methods Better Than One? An Introduction to Mixed Methods

  • October 27: NSTA Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO

    • (Poster) Mountain Rescue: Recasting STEM Students as Middle School MacGyvers

  • October 27: NSTA Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO

    • (Workshop) AI or Oh My? A ChatGPT Workshop That's Not Artificial!

  • October 28: NSTA Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO

    • (Workshop) Are they collaborating or just talking? How to Scaffold Authentic STEM Collaboration

  • November 14: Delaware State University, Dover, DE

    • (Play-Test / Data Collection) Mountain Rescue


  • January: Blumont, Washington, DC

    • Company talk - specifics TBD


Audience Responses

from past appearances and workshops

“I thought you did a phenomenal job of using your personal life to keep the interest of everyone in the room. It also allowed everyone to understand and relate to the concepts you were lecturing about as you were giving a clear example of how each one of the "f-words" are related to all of our lives."


Best one ever. I thought you did an amazing job"


Very good presentation that implemented feeling, using "F-words" is very clever and will help me remember."


“Very interesting topics! I will bring fun, feeling and freedom into all of my future lesson plans and any other career that I go to."


The presentation was extremely engaging and fun to watch. It was memorable and you could see the slideshow in action through your presentation."


“Thank you so much for a great presentation! This definitely opened my eyes to how i will teach my future students and how to make it fun!!"

“I thought this presentation was wonderful and the presenter was phenomenal."


“You're a very well spoken presenter! I was engaged the whole time, and lots of valuable information was provided to help me with my future career."


“You did a great job with your presentation! Thank you!"


“Great presentation with examples. easy to follow and very engaging. great work!!"


“Dr. Bressler, or Denise was very engaging and she kept my interest. Thank you Denise!"


“I really enjoyed this lecture and I really liked how you formed and spoke during your presentation."


“You were excited about what you were talking about which made me excited to learn. Thanks!"


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